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After you contacted us tentatively about our Request formular, you get an E-mail back with our price list with the differetn kinds of wedding packages. If you are still interested, we save a date for a preliminary talk to discuss the details of your wedding. Next to this informative part, it’s also important to take this as a possibility to get to know each other. The photographer of your wedding day should be sympathatic to you. Of course, you can make a proposed date for day of the preliminary talk. Discussing the plans for your wedding will take about 45 to 60 minutes. After this talkm, you will get an Email with the contract for a firm booking. As a matter of course, you have enogh time to make the decision whether you want to book us or not. When we get anouther request for the date of your wedding, you have 24 hours time to decide. Please be aware of the fact, that you only booked us firmly when we have got your signature on the contract. Verbal or written covenants per Email are NOT valid. After you have send us the contract with your signature on it, you will get a copy from us where you will find the signature of the photographer, who will accompany your wedding. It is a big advantage for us if you are also sending us a photo of you. That offers the possibiltiy of a qick reminder even if there lies more than one year between the booking and your wedding date. About 4 to 5 days before your special day will take place, we are talking about evenutally changes in the schedule, the weather prognoses and shooting locations.